What is a Temporary Graduate Visa? 

As the name suggests, this particular visa allows accomplished students to settle and work in Australia on a temporary basis (the maximum tenure is 4 years). As we mentioned earlier, there are two visa streams under the umbrella of Temporary Graduate Visa:

Graduate Work Visa:

This visa stream allows overseas students to settle, study and work in Australia in such a situation where they have graduated from any Australian university in a course with skill-shortage in Australia. Students with a graduate work visa are allowed to work and live in Australia for up to 18 months. The exception, however, is that students must be qualified in an occupation mentioned on the skilled occupation list.

Graduate Post-Study Work Visa:

Students with a graduation degree from any Australian university is allowed to get a post-study work visa to work and study. Based on qualification, students can get a work visa to work and stay for up to 4 years. Another requirement is that the student must have a CRICOS-registered degree. 

Students with temporary graduate visa can live with their family members along with the opportunity of travelling until the visa is valid. 

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