Get Ready to Pin Canada As Your Next Travel Destination with Canada Tourist Visa

Whether it is about witnessing God’s wonderful nature at Niagara Falls or tantalizing your taste buds with maple candy, we can already reckon that you are planning to visit Canada with your friends and family. For short trips to Canada for travelling and tourism purposes, we help people to process an application for Canada tourist visa. With CAANZ Immigration and visa pros, you can have a hassle-free process to get Canada tourist visa. 

What Is Canada Tourist Visa?

Canada tourist visa is a visit visa for people who want to make short trips to Canada to explore its beauties and collect maple leaves; to row a boat under the massive Niagara falls and inhale nature engulfing the country. The Canada tourist visa is valid for up to 6 months, and it is either a single entry or multiple entry visas. One thing to note here is that this visit visa is strictly not for work purposes. 

Things to Remember Before Applying for Canada Tourist Visa

The application process for a Canada tourist visa is not rocket science; it is pretty simple. However, there are a few things that you must know before applying for it. 

  • This visa is only for travelling purposes
  • Canada tourist visa holders are allowed to take their dependents and children with them
  • The processing usually takes 27 days to issue the tourist visa

Why Choose Us to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa?

CAANZ has built enough experience to be considered expert immigration and visa consultant in the industry. We can help you to make Canada visit visa a success. Our dedicated consultants will advise on correct procedures, right documentation, do’s and don’ts, and many other aspects to prevent hassle and inconvenience in future. 

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