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Express Entry invites 787 PNP candidates.

Canada holds the inaugural Express Entry draw for the year 2022

Express Entry: 787 PNP candidates, who will be invited to apply for permanent residence, have been invited.

So far, in 2022, Canada has invited 7,257 PNP candidates.

On April 13, 787 Express Entry candidates were invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

All of the invited candidates had received a nomination from a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and had a CRS of at least 782. The minimum score was relatively high because Express Entry candidates receive an automatic 600 points boost when they receive a provincial nomination. The lowest-scoring candidates would have received 182 base points if they had not been nominated.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issued invitations in the initial round.

The year is off to a slow start.

Canada only welcomed 6,470 Express Entry individuals to apply for immigration in the first quarter of 2022. Since the start of Express Entry in 2015, the first quarter has been the slowest.

Since September 2021, when draws for Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates halted, IRCC has solely invited PNP candidates, resulting in a decrease in general invitations. Since December 2020, there have been no drawings for Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) candidates.

Most draws before the pandemic were not program-specific, which meant that individuals from any Express Entry-managed program might be asked to apply.

However, due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions, Canada has decided to focus on fulfilling its record-breaking immigration targets by converting many temporary residents to permanent residents. The quantity of Express Entry applications piled up due to this policy, particularly FSWP applications, which were frequently from abroad candidates. Due to the backlog, processing timeframes have beyond the six-month standard.

According to internal briefing memos, IRCC agreed to halt Express Entry draws for non-PNP programs unless the backlog was cut in half and processing criteria were reduced to six months. Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser has hinted that skilled worker drawings could start this spring, but no date has been set.

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What is Express Entry? What is its procedure work?

Express Entry is the application management system for the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Canadian Experience Class, Canada’s three most popular immigration programs. At least one of these programs has already qualified PNP candidates in the Express Entry pool.

Express Entry ranks candidates’ profiles with the help of a points-based mechanism which is known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Candidates with the highest scores are honored to receive an Invitation to Seek (ITA), which is later used to apply for permanent residency.

After a candidate has submitted an application, an IRCC officer reviews it and decides. The officer will seek biometrics and may schedule an interview or require additional paperwork.

IRCC majorly offers a Confirmation of Permanent Residence if your application has the approval (COPR). Permanent residents who own the license can then finish the landing process. If these candidates are outside of Canada, they can easily take advantage of pre-arrival services to let them be assisted in taking the first steps toward settling in.

Who was invited to the party?

The following present one of the hypothetical case studies of someone who might have been selected in the new Express Entry draw.

Chloe is 39 years old, has a bachelor’s degree, and has spent the last six years working as a construction manager. She has a strong command of the English language and has never worked or studied in Canada.

She had a CRS score of 386 when she entered the Express Entry pool. Chloe was just nominated for a provincial position. Her revised CRS score of 986 would have qualified her for an ITA in the new Express Entry draw.

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