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Family-Sponsored Visa

Family-Sponsored Visa

You must be sponsored by an Australian province or government agency or declare that you will be supported by an authorized relative residing in a defined location to be eligible for a Family-supported Visa. For more information, see the section below.

Option for 491 VISA Sponsorship by a Family

If you specify in your EOI that you will be supported by an eligible relative, the Department may offer you the opportunity to participate in an invitation round to apply for a visa.

The conditions and qualifications for the sponsorship of your relative are as follows:

Sponsorship by a Relative Who Is Eligible

You must have a sponsor:

  • 18 years of age and up
  • Typically, they live in a certain part of Australia.
  • be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident of Australia, or a citizen of New Zealand who qualifies
  • be a qualified relative of yours or your partner’s if both of you are applying for this visa

A relative who qualifies can be

  • a guardian
  • a kid or a step-kid
  • a brother, sister, step-brother or step-sister, adoptive brother or sister, step-brother or step-sister
  • a step-aunt or step-uncle, an aunt, uncle, adoptive aunt, adoptive uncle, or a step-aunt or step-uncle
  • a nephew or niece, an adoptive nephew or niece, a step-nephew or step-niece
  • a grandparent or a great-grandparent
  • a close relative


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