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In July 2022, Canada’s Skilled Immigration Programs Re-Open

In July 2022, Canada's Skilled Immigration Programs Re-Open

In July, Canada will reopen Express Entry to all applicants, after a pause that began in December 2020.

In its history, Canada has never seen a higher number of skilled immigrants.

“With the economy growing faster than businesses can find new employees, Canada must explore all alternatives in order to have the skills and labour required to fuel our expansion,” said Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.

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Why Is This Significant News?

The immigration minister, John Fraser, has announced that Canada will restart issuing Express Entry invitations to foreign nationals from all over the world beginning in early July. Because Express Entry is the primary mechanism used by the Canadian government to manage skilled worker applications, this is significant news.

Between its introduction in 1967 and a temporary pause that began in December 2020, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) was Canada’s primary immigration option for skilled workers. The Canadian Experience Class (CEC), which was another major immigration program for skilled workers, was paused in September 2021. These delays were caused by the pandemic, but they will be lifted this July.

Canada’s aging population and low birth rate make immigration increasingly vital. Canada’s economy has been recovering swiftly, and it is now experiencing its lowest unemployment rate in history. Canada also has over 900,000 job openings.

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Canada is betting big on the Express Entry system, which will be a major tool for recruiting foreign talent to help grow its economy. Canada has set a goal of accepting more than 100,000 immigrants through Express Entry each year. Due to the vital role skilled immigrants play in Canada’s economy, Immigration Minister John McCallum has promised that most Express Entry applications will be completed within six months.


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