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Is Australia Still a Popular Destination For Students?

Is Australia Still a Popular Destination For Students?

I’ll be honest: for many overseas students in Australia, 2020 was a bad year. Students all around the country had a difficult year.

The start of the New Year was marred by bush fires, which quickly gave way to reports of a worldwide epidemic. Australia acted quickly and closed its borders to all non-citizens and non-residents on the 20th of March. In retrospect, that decision saved lives, but the price was high. Some overseas students had to attend Zoom lectures from home since they couldn’t get into the country and couldn’t go into their student housing to study online.

All of us gave it our all, and the other students and professors around us were fantastic as well. They helped one another, figured up new methods to interact with one another online, and finished their tests. As a result of their gratitude for their instructors’ hard efforts to provide them with the finest education possible under the conditions, student satisfaction percentages remained stable, if not even rose.

Students that go through this experience learn a valuable lesson in resilience, but it’s not the laid-back Australian welcome anyone had hoped for them to have.

The epidemic proved difficult in some circumstances, notably for international students who were reliant on the formerly numerous part-time jobs available to Australians and tourists from other countries, which vanished abruptly. Everyone was learning something new, and there were many obstacles to overcome. Air India organized large-scale repatriations, and 13,000 overseas students are still awaiting a relaxation of travel restrictions due to this. Also, many Australians are still waiting for their flights back. Given these conditions, it’s no wonder that the number of overseas students applying dropped considerably.

However, there are promising indicators pointing to confidence – and the expectation that overseas students will soon make preparations to study in Australia in 2021, even though limitations will continue for the time being. The country has managed the epidemic well, especially when compared to other major study locations like the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Canadian province of Ontario.

There is a lot of excitement about the vaccine programme now that it has started rolling out, especially among university students and faculty. States, corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies are all arguing for a warm welcome.

And the advantages of studying in Australia, in the long run, are still there. Australia is a wonderful place to study because of its size, diversity, and beauty. Australians are ethnically diverse due to the fact that 30% of the population was born outside of Australia. Higher education in Australia is well regarded across the world, with Australian universities consistently ranking in the top 100. Students from other countries can work and live in Australia once they’ve finished their degrees.

The same may be said for the quality of the education provided. Students from other countries are aware that their training must adhere to stringent national accreditation standards. Additionally, international student support centres can help with practical matters like legal rights, career skills and chances to connect and socialize with other local and foreign students. This is because the country is well-versed in international students and their concerns.

Some of the world’s greatest cities are located right here in Australia. We live in an economically powerful country that uses cutting-edge technology. Beginning adulthood and preparing for a future job in Australia are excellent goals for everyone.

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