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New Brunswick, on Canada’s east coast, is a fantastic place to call home. You’ll find them here if you wish to follow your dream career, embark on a new journey, or do both.

In terms of cyber security and IT innovation, New Brunswick is a global leader. It is also a hotspot for start-ups and energy innovation leaders in Canada.

Across the province, there are jobs in a wide range of industries. Salary, benefits, and career prospects are all available at our organizations. If you operate in a regulated field, make sure your qualifications are accepted. Advanced manufacturing, agricultural technology, commerce, banking, and insurance, cyber security and information technology (IT), digital health and healthcare, education, and transportation are among our top priority industries. Several programmes, such as mentoring programmes and business incubators, are available to assist immigrant entrepreneurs, and they have helped numerous enterprises succeed.

As a result of your participation in Forum Expat 2021 with ONB, you will receive a registration link. Complete the registration form below, where you will be requested to verify your attendance at the event. Only if a company is interested in your profile will you be contacted once you have completed the application.

New Brunswick employers are hiring for the following positions:

0013 – Senior managers – financial, communications and other business services
0111 – Financial managers
0114 – Other administrative services managers
0125 – Other business services managers
1111 – Financial auditors and accountants
1212 – Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers
1311 – Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
2132 – Mechanical engineers
2134 – Chemical engineers
2147 – Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
2171 – Information systems analysts and consultants
2172 – Database analysts and data administrators
2173 – Software engineers and designers
2174 – Computer programmers and interactive media developers
2175 – Web designers and developers
2281 – Computer network technicians
2283 – Information systems testing technicians
3012 – Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
3233 – Licensed practical nurses
4031 – Secondary school teachers
4032 – Elementary school and kindergarten teachers
4214 – Early childhood educators and assistants
7231 – Machinists and machining and tooling inspectors
7237 – Welders and related machine operators
7241 – Electricians (except industrial and power system)
7251 – Plumbers
7271 – Carpenters
7283 – Tilesetters
7291 – Roofers and shinglers
7294 – Painters and decorators (except interior decorators)
7311 – Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics
7511 – Transport truck drivers


The registration form is four (4) pages long. Once you’ve completed a page and clicked NEXT, you won’t be able to edit any of the information you’ve already input. Before clicking NEXT at the end of any page, double-check that all of the information is correct and that all of the required documentation have been uploaded.

You’ll need organised and ready-to-upload.jpg or.pdf copies of the following documents:

  • Your current passport’s photo page (required)
  • Visa for your present legal residence nation
  • The results of your language test
  • Your report on the ECA
  • Your curriculum vitae (required)
  • CV of your spouse (optional) (if applicable)

You will get a verification that we have accepted your information once you have registered. Only a small number of people will be invited to take part. You acknowledge that there is NO Assurance or ANY Expectation that you will get an invitation by enrolling in this event.

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