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Most in-demand professions in Canberra with a steady stream of press invites

Most in-demand professions in Canberra with a steady stream of press invites

ACT (Canberra) receives the most invites and receives them the most frequently of all the states.

In September 2021, the ACT Critical list was modified.

Invitations for numerous jobs with only 65 points have lately been issued.

Allocation of Visas

With 1400 allocations, ACT has the highest year-over-year rise in subclass 491 Visa distribution among all other states.

Occupation List from the ACT Matrix

In September 2021, the ACT (Canberra) added a number of new jobs.

Round 1 of the Canberra Invitational

  • Almost every week, there is an invitation round for Canberra.
  • Invitations are now being issued for several jobs starting at 65 points.
  • To apply, you do not need to be employed in your specified occupation.

The ACT Matrix: An Overview

The Canberra Matrix is a point-based system that differs from the subclass 189 point system.

The ACT Critical Skills List has taken the place of the ACT Occupation List.

If you want to apply for a nomination in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) under the skilled migration streams, you must use the Canberra Matrix system

  • Subclass 491 – Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa
  • Subclass 190 – Skilled Nominated (Permanent) visa

There are two stages to submitting an application for an ACT nomination.

  1. Fill out a ‘Canberra Matrix’ to formally register your interest in being nominated for an ACT position (you can choose either ACT 491 or 190 nominations).

You will be chosen and invited to apply for the ACT nomination if you are one of the top contenders with the highest marks.

Because the interest for ACT nomination far outnumbers the number of nomination spots available each year, your Matrix rating will not be graded.

  1. After receiving the invitation to apply for the ACT nomination, submit the online application and pay the fees within 14 days.

You must provide proof of your qualification and Matrix points earned at the time of Matrix submission in the relevant documentation.


Most In-Demand Occupations with Consistent Invitations in Canberra

Canberra 2

Canberra 1

Visiting Queanbeyan

You may be able to apply for both “NSW” and “ACT” State and Regional Sponsor if you live in Queanbeyan and meet the criteria for “NSW 491” and “Canberra State and Regional Sponsor.”

In Canberra for a professional year

Canberra seems to be the only zone where you can get 5 points for completing a one-year study programme. The Canberra Matrix is a unique points calculating system used in Canberra.
So, for the ACT (Canberra) Matrix, a Professional Year in Canberra can get you up to 10 points.
For foreign students who have completed one of the following courses at an Australian university, a Professional Year Program is an organized professional development programme that combines formal training and workplace experience.

  • Year of the IT Professional
  • Year of the Accounting Professional
  • Year of Professional Engineering

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