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Over 400 workers, graduates, and businesses are expected to attend the BC PNP

Over 400 workers, graduates, and businesses are expected to attend the BC PNP

Since the beginning of the year, B.C. has issued roughly 10,000 invitations to file for a provincial nomination.

On October 12, 2021, British Columbia held four Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) drawings, which resulted in the invitation of over 400 immigrants.

In a regularly held general draw, candidates from the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNPSkills )’s Immigration (SI) and Express Entry BC (EEBC) streams got invitations.

Invitations were sent to those in the Skilled Worker, International Graduate, Entry Level, and Semi-Skilled SI and EEBC programs.

The draw’s minimum scores varied from 69 to 91 points. A total of 308 people were asked to apply.

In addition, as part of its PNP program, British Columbia has been sending out invites twice a month since February. Because of the large number of candidates from specific industries who registered with the province’s Skills Immigration Registration System, these drawings are being held (SIRS).

Candidates who work in NOC 0621 (retail and wholesale trade managers) or NOC 0631 (retail and wholesale trade managers) were targeted in a separate draw under the SI and EEBC categories (restaurant and foodservice managers). A total of 101 invites were sent out, with a score of 104.

B.C. has also handed out invitations to Entrepreneur Immigration (EI) hopefuls for the first time since August. The EI-base category received ten invites, whereas the EI-regional pilot category received less than five.

While the province continues to seek and finalize applications from entrepreneurial prospects, the intake of EI-based applications has been temporarily halted. The stream is currently being evaluated, and the province intends to reveal specifics about its reopening in early 2022.

B.C. has given approximately 10,000 invitations through several BC PNP streams so far this year.

The PNP in British Columbia

The BC PNP is designed to attract foreign employees in high demand in the province who want to become permanent citizens of Canada.

Skills Immigration and Express Entry are the two main immigration streams in the BC PNP, each of which is separated into sub-categories. The Skills Immigration Registration System in British Columbia manages these streams (SIRS). Before you can apply through the SIRS, you must first create an account. After that, you’ll be given a score based on variables including your education, employment experience, and language abilities.

When British Columbia has one of its regular draws, the top-scoring candidates from each sub-category are encouraged to apply for a provincial nomination to apply for permanent residency.

If you’ve been invited, you’ll have 30 days from the date of the invitation to submit a complete application via the BC PNP online system.

Within two to three months after submitting a complete BC PNP application packet, you will be notified of the province’s decision. If your nomination is accepted, you will be entitled to apply for permanent residence status under the Provincial Nominee Class at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

From the date of confirmation, the nomination is valid for around six months.

As a provincial nominee, you may be eligible for an additional 600 points under the CRS, allowing you to qualify for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in a subsequent federal Express Entry lottery.

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