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Discover opportunities and explore new horizons in Australia to work and study 

This particular visa is for those skilled professionals who are willing to expand their business in Australia. The country offers thousands of opportunities to professionals through its Skilled Migration program. Talented workers belonging to different domains are welcomed to apply for Australian permanent residency (PR). CAANZ Immigration strives to achieve a smooth application processing flow. Moreover, we also guide students about the right subclass visa to apply. 

Australia Skilled Migration Program Details 

Australia has introduced the Skilled Migration Program for professions included on the Skilled Occupations List to register an Expression of Interest (EOI) followed by profile evaluation. Under the hood of the Skilled Migration Visa for Australia, there are several visa streams. The rest is dependent on the choice of the applicant. Four Skilled Migration Visa streams are as under: 

Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189):

The Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) for Australia is points-based and is specifically for those skilled workers who have not been sponsored by any employer, state or their family members. The individual with this visa stream is permitted to settle down and work in Australia permanently.  

Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) Visa:

This visa is points-based, subclass 190 visa is for those skilled workers who have been nominated by the state or territory of Australia to work and live on a permanent basis.  

Graduate Temporary (Subclass 485) Visa:

This visa stream is subclass 485 and is for those who have been allowed to work and live in Australia after completing their studies.  

Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored Provisional (Subclass 491) Visa:

This visa stream is subclass 491. The Skilled Sponsored Provisional Visa is points-based and is sponsored by the state of Australia for the worker to work in regional areas. The visa validation period is 5 years, and successful applicants are permitted to work, study and live in Australia for the given time frame.  

Skilled Regional (Subclass 887) Visa:

The Subclass 887 visa is the only stream among the other four that is not point-based. The Skilled Regional Visa allows those individuals who have once worked in designated regional areas. It lets the holder lodge request for the permanent residency of Australia.  

How CAANZ Immigration Provides Assistance to get Skilled Migration Visa for Australia?

For several years, CAANZ Immigration has gained expertise in Australia immigration and guided thousands of ambitious students to follow their hearts. If you are willing to apply for a Skilled Migration Visa for Australia, we will be available as your first preference for immigration consultancy. Working on transparency, visibility and honesty for over years, we have built valuable relations for life. Our process for Skilled Migration Visa for Australia from the start is backed by legal aspects and completely transparent. 

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