I wanted to always study abroad, especially in the USA. But the hassle of USA student visa and thousands of applicants each year, making an effort to apply to the US universities made it seem impossible. However, Caanz Immigration, being my support partner, helped me through the entire visa application process. Currently, I am in the USA, studying in one of the most renowned universities. I would like to appreciate their in-depth knowledge about legal aspects as well as each detail. That’s what I call Professionalism!”

Ahsan Ali

USA Student Visa

“My family and I always had trust issues; I didn’t have any idea about immigration and visa consultants. On one of my good friends’ recommendations, I decided to have a meeting with Caanz professionals. Being ambiguous at first, I hadn’t decided whether to approach this firm or not. However, Caanz professionalism and constant support convinced me to the point where I couldn’t trust anybody else but Caanz Immigration and Visa Consultants. I applied for Canadian immigration, and it accomplished. All thanks to Caanz.”

Rahul Sharma

Canada Immigration

“I had been searching for someone in the immigration services, and I got to know about Caanz Immigration. The entire process, from counselling to the beginning of the application process and finally landing in Canada for a permanent settlement, was transparent and full of guidance. Their team of experts know their areas and are always available for 24/7 assistance.”

Manahil Ghohar

Canada Immigration

I had applied for Australia study visa 2 years ago through Caanz Immigration. The most satisfactory part about their firm is that they pay keen attention to every detail, legal formalities, documentation, and above all counsel you to choose the right track. The team of professionals shortlisted universities based on my financial and educational requirements, and now I am here, almost completing my studies.

Gurpreet Singh

Australia Student Visa

"I wanted to settle in Australia and Caanz Immigration helped me with choosing the right places to settle for a better lifestyle. Moreover, they guided thoroughly the pros and cons of each step I would take. Counselling is the best part, and their assistance feels as if they had been in our shoe. Loved the honesty and professionalism."

Fei Hong

Australia Immigration

"Caanz Immigration is the best coaching centre when it comes to preparing about IELTS. I gained the 2nd-highest score. Not only I gained a good score, but the overall experience also boosted my confidence too. I would recommend Caanz to everyone, and I bet each penny would worth it."

Rathna Debraj “Score 8 Bands”


"What an amazing place to visit!” That is what my wife and I would always say about Australia, but considering the hassle and delay in the application visa process, I decided to take a step back. But Caanz immigration came to the rescue, and I was really happy about such a smooth guiding and form filling process. Now, I am holding my visitor visa for Australia, and I can’t seem to be happier than now! Kudos to Caanz team!"

Nawal Khan

Canada Tourist Visa

"Friendly, responsive and professionals, these are all the words I say whenever someone asks about Caanz Immigration. I applied for a work visa to Canada, considering opportunities in the country. Caanz Immigration had been a blessing at that time. Availability 24/7 and support is unexplainable, to be honest. Today, I am at a much better position than my expectations. Also, I look forward to availing Caanz service once again soon."

Catilin Roberts

Canada Work Visa

"Work opportunities in the UK had always attracted me. However, my financial situation could not allow me back then. I applied for a work visa to the United Kingdom this year, and the application process went pretty smooth. Additional, Caanz also guided me with some very useful interview tips and showed me every possible job opportunity I could avail. God bless everyone behind this amazing name!"

Vivek Kumar

UK Work Visa

"Teachers who teach The Pearson Test of English are outstanding. They are expert in both theoretical and hands-on learning. They give their best to make students able to score well in their tests. Apart from academics and score stuff, the experience was amazing with Caanz."

Mandy Fresco “Score 80+”