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What is Training Visa?

The Training Visa (subclass 407) enables applicants to participate in workplace-based employment training activities in Australia in order to improve their abilities for their profession, sectors of expertise, or in a professional development training program. The training visa in Australia is considered a Visa Subclass 407.

 How Training Visa Works?

A training visa allows you to come to Australia for a limited time to take part in vocational training or professional development.

Under the 407 visa, you can participate in any of the following types of occupational training:

  1. Obtaining a registration or license through on-the-job training: This course is for people who need to gain registration, membership, or licensing in order to start a business in their home country of Australia.
  2. Workplace-based structured training to improve skills: This training is for people who have been nominated by an authorised temporary activities sponsor in Australia for a job in one of the qualified skilled occupations, but who need structured workplace-based training to develop their abilities in that job.
  3. Sharpening or enhancing competency through training: Overseas qualification, Government support and Professional development.

The Training Visa 407 has a lot of advantages:

The training visa permits you to do the following:

  • You should apply for both onshore and offshore visa.
  • Spend up to two years in Australia and complete the training requirements outlined in your application.
  • Leave and re-enter Australia on a constant basis till your visa expires.
  • Bring family members who are qualified to join you in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Have A Sponsor Who Has Been Approved: Whether to enrol in a professional development program or occupational training must be funded by an approved sponsor.
  • Should Be Nominated:Unless your sponsor is an Australian Commonwealth Government agency, you must have been nominated to participate in an occupational training program by your sponsor.
  • You Should Be Invited:If the sponsor is a Commonwealth agency, you will be requested to apply for the visa.
  • Age Restrictions: You must usually be 18 years old or older when we make a decision on your visa application. 
  • Occupational Training:Unless an exemption applies, acquire vocational training directly from the sponsor.
  • Health Requirement:You must meet the health requirements, as well as any family members who apply for the visa with you. Within 12 months of filing a visa application, you must have a medical examination.
  • Character Requirement:The character requirement applies to you and any family members over the age of 16 who apply for the visa with you. Obtain police clearance from any country where you or your family have spent 12 months or more in the last ten years.
  • Be A Genuine Entrant:You must only have the intention of:
  • Stay in Australia for a limited time
  • Do the things you’re permitted to do on this visa.

You must have complied with the terms of your most recent substantive or subsequent bridging visa in a significant way.

  • Have sufficient health insurance:During your stay in Australia, you are entirely responsible for all medical expenses. Medical insurance protects you from financial ruin. If you are granted this visa, you must have comprehensive health insurance for the duration of your stay. Medically essential care, including transportation, should be covered by your insurer.
  • Financial Prerequisites:You must show proof of your financial ability to maintain yourself and any accompanying family members in Australia for the duration of your stay.

Which occupation can apply for a Training visa?

  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • Chef/Baker/Automotive/Nurses
  • Others

Please contact us for a complete assessment by our team of trained migration experts to learn more about the 407 visa or to discover whether you fit the conditions for visa approval.


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