Live and Work in The UK on Tier 2 Work Visa

To provide skilled persons with a platform to showcase their talent, the UK has introduced its tier 2 work visa. Holders of the UK tier 2 work visa are allowed o work in the UK in occupancies that are listed on the tier 2 shortage occupation list. Some of the most common professions listed are healthcare, engineering, IT and finance. 

To work for any of the positions listed, individuals need to get hold of the UK tier 2 work visa. For fresh people will earn £20,800 per year and experienced employees will get £30,000.

Details of the UK General Tier 2 Work Visa

The UK work visa allows skilled professionals to stay in the Kingdom for 5 years and 14 days, or the duration mentioned on sponsorship certificate (+1 month). This work visa to the UK is points-based and the minimum requirement is 70 points. The points rely on the following criteria:

- Sponsorship certificate from the employer

- A good amount of salary

- English skills

- Maintenance funds

The above-mentioned skills are required to apply for a Tier 2 work visa to the UK. 

Various Streams of Tier 2 Work Visa

Tier 2 General Visa: 

  • This particular visa stream is for those individuals who hold a job offer from the UK in an occupancy included on the Shortage Occupation List. 

Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer Visa: 

  • This visa stream is for those individuals from corporations who are transferring to the UK

Tier 2 Minister of Religion Visa: 

  • This visa stream is for ministers of religions within a religious firm

Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa: 

  • This visa is for coaches and sportspersons

What Is in It for You?

Three obvious benefits Tier 2 work visa holders will get:

  • Opportunity to study in the Kingdom
  • Opportunity to bring family dependents to the UK
  • Travel from and to the United Kingdom

What Caanz Immigration Can Do?

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