The US? Your dream destination? We know! The US has been among the most desirable countries among students. Each year, thousands of students aspire to flock to the US to pursue their career and find a good job or even start a successful career. The States values every field and have opportunities in every discipline. Just a mention of an American university on your resume will force a recruiter to give it a second look for consideration. Why? Because a degree from the US is not just a degree but a whole new dynamic experience. 

Is It A Good Idea to Study in The USA?

There must be a reason that each year thousands of students make hopes and struggles for US student visa. The reason is that the US institutions have higher rankings based on their set benchmarks, and those standards define their quality of education, advanced curriculum and hands-on experience to prepare each student for future. Apart from their extensive focus on both practical and theoretical learning, there are other reasons to convince as to why one should opt for US student visa:

  • A plethora of opportunities
  • Reasonable fee structures
  • Experience of a diversified culture
  • Student support for international students
  • Opportunity to work and study at the same time
  • Advanced curriculum
  • Hands-on learning

What CAANZ Do for the Aspiring Candidates to Get US student visa?

CAANZ immigration, with its comprehensive understanding in the US immigration and study visa, strives to offers full support to students at each step in order to clear any ambiguity and clear away any challenges that one might face during the application process of US student visa.

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    I wanted to always study abroad, especially in the USA. But the hassle of USA student visa and thousands of applicants each year, making an effort to apply to the US universities made it seem impossible. However, Caanz Immigration, being my support partner, helped me through the entire visa application process. Currently, I am in the USA, studying in one of the most renowned universities. I would like to appreciate their in-depth knowledge about legal aspects as well as each detail. That’s what I call Professionalism!”

    Ahsan Ali

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