Escape to the States with Friends and Family on the US Tourist Visa (B2 Visa)

Have you been dreaming to take your family to the USA for an excursion or travelling purposes? Have you always wanted to see the snowfall of NewYork or rustling leaves at Central Park? Whether you want to visit the US for travelling or tourism purposes or medical ones, the US Tourist Visa (B2) is the one to apply for. It is best to go for if you are planning to visit the States for a short period of time. 

How CAANZ Immigration Can Assist?

CAANZ has invested years to be at the stage where they stand today. We have worked with many clients to accomplish their dreams abroad. With comprehensive knowledge of immigration and visa consultancy, we will help you to apply for your US Tourist Visa (B2) application and ensure a smooth process. 

What’s the Way to the US Tourist Visa (B2)?

As mentioned in the beginning, the US Tourist Visa (B2) holders have the opportunity to visit the US on a short-term basis for any non-business purposes. The visa validation remains for 6 months. However, if it is issued as a multiple entry visa, the validation period can be extended to up to 10 years. 

Following is some essential information on the US Tourist Visa (B2):

  • Candidates must approach any official at the US embassy/consulate to verify their intentions that they do not plan to be US immigrant
  • Any evidence that proves your intentions to come back to your home must be submitted
  • Appointments are made for biometric verification and interview to process visa application
  • Individuals below the age of 14 and above the age 80 have the advantage to do the needful at the visa application centre
  • In case of renewal of the US Tourist Visa, holders are required to book the appointment at visa application centre and submit required documents. 
  • The usual processing tenure is up to 3 days

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With our in-house certified consultants and guides, CAANZ makes sure its availability to offer full-time support during the visa process. 

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