Live and Work in the US on US Work Visa (H1B Visa)

Everyone’s is in competition to land a dream job in the US, and for that, you have to get hold of your us work visa (H1B visa).  

What Does the US Work Visa (H1B Visa) Permit the Holder?

 This visa is non-immigrant one. The US Work Visa (H1B Visa) holders have the opportunity to work in the US under a particular employer on a temporary basis. There are some obligations that must be met:

  • Existence of employee-employer relationship
  • Employment in an in-demand specialty occupation 
  • Payment above the wage specified for that particular vacancy

The US work visa is developed exclusively for specialists; for the said reason, candidates hold a bachelor’s degree in fields of finance, medicine, and many others. 

What Role Does CAANZ Play for People to Get the US Work Visa (H1B Visa)?

With years of experience in the US immigration and consultancy, CAANZ helps in getting through the US work visa process as well. We become the bridge for employees to help in them in getting the US work visa application process done and increase chances for them to get hired and sponsored by renowned companies in the US. 

Applying for the H1B visa is one of the most challenging tasks as each year, demand from the US employers increases. What’s more, the US work visa will lead to the US green card. 

What Is in It for You?

Successful H1B visa holders have the opportunity to:

  • Settle and work in the US or even extend their duration of stay
  • Look for other employers during their H1B visa status
  • Stay in the US with spouse and children (not more than 21 years)

Get Assistance from Professionals at CAANZ

As we mentioned earlier, the US work (H1B) visa is one of the most challenging visas to get hold of due to an increase in demand from US employers. Considering the technical aspects, the process needs quality documentation. Dedicated professionals at CAANZ make sure to increase your chances of success and land a dream job in the US. Our team of expert immigration and visa consultants invest their time to provide end-to-end assistance to meet standards. Reach out to us for more help.

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